The general concept of Pay Per Call Advertising is pretty simple. You employ a marketing company to generate incoming sales calls for your call center and you pay them on a per call basis. Typically, you’re given a predetermined amount of time to qualify the consumer before a call becomes billable (eg: 60 second duration) and the advertiser themselves will use an IVR (interactive voice recording) to filter out unqualified callers before they reach your sales agents. Due to the simplicity of this relatively risk-free model, Pay Per Call deals are often thrown together quickly and launched just as fast. However, an alarmingly high number of Pay Per Call campaigns fail for that very reason. Sure, it may be easy to get started with Pay Per Call, but it’s just as easy to fail if you don’t take the time to strategize and make some key considerations first. So, if you’re looking to test the waters with Pay Per Call Advertising, make sure that you are doing your part to prepare your company for long-term success. Here are 5 key things you should consider or do in advance of launching a pay per call campaign: