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We’re a performance-based marketing agency

CallEngine Inc. is a performance-based marketing agency that leverages its online brands and internal distribution to drive new customer acquisition. We Are Passionate about delivering high volumes of new customers to our clients in a manner that is cost effective and measurable.

Delivering new customers one call at a time

We spend an extensive amount of time researching and understanding your ideal client and use a scientific approach in discovering the most optimal way to connect you with them at the right time. We deliver qualified incoming phone calls and leads from consumers who are interested in your services or products.

How It Works

Reach Your Ideal Customer

With Pay Per Call advertising, we’re able to hone-in on your target market so that your sales agents are not wasting time and money fielding phone calls from consumers that you can’t service. Simply tell us any geo restrictions you might have and any specific consumer types that you don’t want. We’ll cater our advertising accordingly. In addition, we utilize IVR technology to further filter out unwanted callers.

We Own Our Distribution

We don’t rely on Affiliate Networks or 3rd parties to generate calls. We take 100% responsibility for call quality and work closely with our partners to ensure that we reach their ideal customer with accurate and compliant ad messaging.