Low Risk & Measurable

Our model is purely performance-based. This means that you only pay when you receive a qualified phone call.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of real-time reporting including current spend, total calls, qualified calls, consumer location, contact information and more.

Call Filtering For Quality

Easily customize how callers are handled based on geography, demographics, time of day and interest. Ask qualifying questions to ensure certain criteria is met prior to connecting the prospect with a live agent. Professionally recorded prompts enable higher conversion rates than standard text-to-speech recordings.

Simple & Free Set up

Getting set up with your own pay per call campaign is easier than you may think. If you have an internal or 3rd Party call center that is ready to handle incoming sales calls, we can deliver. Just tell us your hours of operation and the phone number you want calls routed to. You could be receiving phone calls within hours of launching. Better still, there are no set up costs or hidden fees.

Set Volume Caps

Worried about overloading your sales agents or having them sit idle for extended periods of time with no calls? Don’t be. We can set daily, weekly or monthly volume caps and even utilize call concurrency technology to pace out calls according to agent availability.

No Minimum spend

We understand that when considering a new distribution channel or partnership of any kind, you will likely want to test the waters before jumping in head-first. For that reason, we never impose a minimum spend or require a long-term commitment in order to get started. It is our hope that once you start to receive the high quality sales leads we are able to deliver , your appetite will grow quickly and we’ll be ready to satisfy that need.

Detailed Real-time Reporting

Call details can be accessed in real-time. Simply login to view:

Length of each call, Caller ID, Caller Location, Call Recordings, Gross vs. Paid Calls, Campaign Spend.

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