Everyday, consumers go online to find service providers. Whether they are looking to book a dentist appointment or they have just locked themselves out of their car and require a locksmith, they are usually looking to take action immediately.


With less time sensitive purchase decisions such as switching cable providers or mortgage brokers, the consumer may want to visit comparison sites or other online information portals to gain more knowledge before making a decision.


CallEngine advertises to these prospective customers at the point when they are most likely to make a purchase.


For example, a consumer that goes to Google to search for an auto insurance quote would see one of our ads above the returned search results. This ad may read:


“Need an insurance quote? Call 1-800-XXX-XXXX Now!”


Once the consumer calls the number listed in the ad, the caller is asked to confirm interest in the service via IVR filtering technology and is then routed directly to an auto insurance carrier (our Advertiser).


In order to reach consumers who would rather read more information about a particular service in advance of picking up the phone, CallEngine develops content heavy portal sites and spends advertising dollars to drive potential customers to those domains. For example, a consumer that just moved to Mississauga, Ontario and is looking for a dentist for their family, may be more likely to visit this portal site of ours than conduct a Google search: www.mycitydentist.com.