CallEngine Selected to Attend the Canadian Export Challenge hosted by Startup Canada

June 17, 2019 – CallEngine Inc. was selected to attend the Canadian Export Challenge hosted by Startup Canada, in collaboration with UPS, Export Development Canada and the Trade Commissioner Service in Montreal.

As part of Canada’s 2019 Global Entrepreneur Cohort, participants had the opportunity to connect with trade and global growth partners in Canada, partake in a 1-day global accelerator and pitch to win $25, 000 and $100, 000. Aside from the pitch competition, attendees were invited to enjoy a day of keynotes, panels, workshops and networking sessions.


CallEngine’s very own, Greg Gilpin, attended the 1-Day Global Accelerator and Pitch Competition where CallEngine was amongst some of the most innovative businesses in Canada. The event attracted the attention of many, as CallEngine was just 1 of 350 participants.

While CallEngine did not win, we are ecstatic to have been apart of an event that brought together entrepreneurs, investors, industry leaders, and entities with similar goals of expanding globally. The CallEngine team would like to thank Startup Canada for all of the effort that went into making the Canadian Export Challenge a memorable event.